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We offer different paths depending on your business requirements. Our most appreciated approach is the Growth Driven Design (GDD) which continously improves your website with focus on converting visitors to customers.

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.01 Growth Driven Design

An approach to website design and development that will transform your online presence and prime your business to reap the benefits continuous analysis and performance tweaking based on data driven decisions.

.02 WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms on the web today. We embrace this fact and offer professional and advanced sites with or without e-commerce.

.03 Custom Solutions

For those who seek more, we offer advanced tailor-made solutions to improve your workflow with either internal or external web applications suited for your business.

Growth Driven Design

We take a different approach to your website in comparison to traditional web development. This method focuses on continuously implementing and tweaking your website content based on data driven decisions.


Every page, picture, button, text and form is continuously carefully considered in order to build a customer journey that confers trust and promotes conversion.


In comparison to traditional web development where you start your project, work for a long time, launch and sign off, we approach delivery in another way. We launch an accepted first step of the website or page, monitor the interactions and improve the content over time.

By doing this we can deliver actual content in a much faster pace and prevent a lock-in of a final product since the website is a living entity. 

Living Content

To generate the best results, websites need to live and evolve, not be static. The content on your site is what determines whether your user stays or leaves.

It’s usually about the small changes. In our GDD approach your content is alive and we are there for you, always monitoring, analyzing, improving and reporting on how your users engage. We frequently make minor adjustments to your content based on data analysis and research.


A steady platform maintained by thousands of people, a repository filled with hundreds of thousands of plugins, WordPress offers nothing less of flexibility and customization to suit your business requirements.

InDigital are here to help you meet those requirements in a professional manner.


We have developed several WordPress plugins and worked with hundreds of sites over the years. Confident with our experience and know-how we can deliver from idea to final product.


Advanced Solutions

With the ever expanding use of IT within businesses, custom applications are growing and from our point of view we expect them to continue doing so. We have created solutions for businesses to optimize processes within their organization, sometimes even taking them as far as from pen and paper into a real-time database application, which in turn has greatly increased efficiency within their workflow.



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InDigital Group Strategic Marketing Agency